Photoshop Architectural Rendering Tutorial Pdf


How easy and quick to smooth edges in photoshop after cutting. In that case, you can go for the “smeared with blood” look. The girls were self-proclaimed “proxies” of the character and believed that they had to commit a murder in order to gain his approval and prove his existence to non-believers. The bat-cowl, cape, gauntlets, trunks, and boots would all need to share an identical black leathery texture. Unchecked, then the paintbucket will fill all the areas that are now white. How to use the filter gallery in photoshop. How quickly is your site loading in. We'll even use a really cool trick. Ps: you can change the background color whenever you want. Through these sites, you can order your tickets in advance.

photoshop architectural visualization tutorial
photoshop architectural visualization tutorial

You will more than likely end up using a variety of brush sizes and opacities for the image (change the sample area frequently as well so you don’t get a repetition of patterns). You can see how i made arrows to some of my favorite sliders and their effects on that distant couple on the ancient roman wall. If you're familiar with photoshop's nifty warp text feature, prepare to be disappointed by painter's version of text on a curve. This movement–be it ever so slight–sets the camera in motion, causing the image to lose sharpness. Make a selection and fill it with. I cannot make up my mind. Now that you know the basics of creating and manipulating objects and components in xsi you are ready to take your knowledge to the next level. Using indesign will give you more control than any microsoft product for the artistic styling of text. Or get info on the folder you store your working files.

photoshop architectural visualization tutorial
photoshop architectural visualization tutorial

I have attached my scanned image, and the painting. Better social media profiles and content. Even if it is basic and not "pop art" and you don't like the guy explaining it, look at it this way: it is a cool way to make your pictures stand out and it's something different. The saints sometimes died in each other’s arms with a prayer. I don't have that many fond memories because it was such a drag with the hours. ) see how there is light on the sides, front and back.

photoshop architectural visualization tutorial
photoshop architectural visualization tutorial

4gb when creating channel masks, but would remain the same 200mb size in lumenzia. For the phone camera photographers, do check the article on ultimate checklist for mobile phone photography and browse through the whole section on digital photography. Whether you’re looking to amp up your portfolio or just learn a new editing skill, this beginner’s photoshop tutorial is perfect for creators of all levels. Of course, you can use this effect to “draw” a ghost, or you can simply apply to images to make them eye catching. Owl turd’s guest comic for the gentleman’s armchair is a pretty good standard, i think. It's basically a more visual bookmark for quicker navigation. Think of deepart as being like the filters built into photoshop, only here you get to choose any filter source you like, for free. Can i contact the graphic design school.

photoshop architectural visualization tutorial
photoshop architectural visualization tutorial

You should have a blue background layer. Is photoshop compatible for both mac and pc. Lightroom is an intuitive program, but that doesn't mean it's easy to use. Select an area to move or extend. Change the angle of the drop shadow to. In the tutorials for you to interact with and learn from.

photoshop architectural visualization tutorial
photoshop architectural visualization tutorial

With the easy to follow tutorials, available in both ebook type and media type, you will be given the freedom to choose which type to opt for.   click over beyond the inside of the corner that you are getting rid of as i have here. You may also begin recording by choosing. You'll find lots of crossover in project creation and sharing, but at a high level the organizer is for collecting your photos and the editor is, as you'd expect, for modifying them. It works on windows and mac.  multiply offers us the ability to both saturate and darken colors in more realistic ways. After that, type in the exact content that you want to appear in the subtitle. Romanian designer virgil pana demonstrates a keen eye for quality design in his dribbble portfolio of ixd work. Capture the world from your unique perspective. Its effect is similar to that of unsharp mask.

photoshop architectural visualization tutorial
photoshop architectural visualization tutorial

The raw data is not in a standard colour space, but can be converted to one later. The key is to understand how the light would affect your model and to paint it appropriately, whether you are doing a quick sketch or a time-consuming showcase piece. Why is it called a watermark. There’s no viewfinder, no framing and no delays — just a picture saved to your camera roll in less than a second. Creative cloud icon, located in the taskbar (windows) or apple menu bar (mac os).

After all, what’s the point of creating a website if no one can access it. Take more small blobs of wax as you need it, waxing and twisting as you go down the lock. Or take an image and see what they can do with it without resorting to more than, say, 2 filters. Make a stylishly elegant portfolio web design in photoshop. "the photography tutorial ebook delivers - period.

It’s impossible to portray the massiveness of the ice and continent and the immense beauty of the area, but it’s fun to try. I want to create a curve that goes up and to the right, so i'm going to drag out a small handle in that same general direction:. Step 2: press d and x to reset and swap your foreground and background colors. Create a mirror image effect in photoshop. Once you apply the wave filter, you’ll probably notice that the edges are now way too smooth. I gave the surfaces in the photo the same treatment. It literally does not matter that each copy of photoshop can be generated just out of thin air. Hope the above information helps.

Purple left some bright pink bits. Lighten blend mode in photoshop. Merge can be found under layer. Press ok to apply your lighting effects filter, and you’re all set to go. To party you can find reasons to commemorate.   when you are done, you can share your creation in the usual places. - final grid size: 7" x 10" saved as a. The calculation algorithm is the same; you just end up with percentages.

New sprite settings window in aseprite. Each approach has it’s place in your workflow. Layer 1 is an empty layer, so there's nothing for photoshop to apply a. Get photoshop cs5 now at the adobe store. After adding them, they will be outlined on the left page, which is dedicated to them. The section on gear is especially helpful as well as tutorials on how to draw the male figure (which is somewhat rare. In the comics gordon and co shined the bat signal on both low hanging clouds and the sides of tall buildings. More tips – finally need more tips. Stretch your creativity beyond the cloud with this fully-updated photoshop guide.

Some of these methods are more useful than others, and some of them can be described as being simply brilliant. I want to simply painting the background orange. Sometimes it doesn't respond to clicks so you have to click three times; menus can take some time to load; it's not really space-efficient - you know the deal by now. Either we clone it using clone stamp tool or darken it to match it with rest of the dress. After all, not everyone uses photoshop. Converts the colour to the nearest cmyk-friendly colour). The first option lets you choose what kind of gradient you want.

Hold down the shift key while you’re making the adjustments so that the aspect ratio of your text stays the same (in other words, so your text doesn’t get taller or shorter). To do this, go to your tool box and select the “fuzzy select tool. In camera rawe you can do white balance, change things such as exposure, color temperature, increase or decrease shadows, contrast, whites, blacks, vibrance and much more. Read again it was d. If coupon not working then contact us. The program is only open to education users and is in beta. Here are the top 10 best computers for photo editing from lowest to highest price.

Has to have ecoboost and towing package. You see that it's the land completely; so, what we're going to do: make a selection and do a levels one more time. Set your white balance – before you start any kind of editing, you need to adjust your white balance so that you have natural-looking skin tones in your portrait – this is especially important if you’ve shot indoors with incandescent lamps or other ambient lighting. There is no existing program to save sprites as 32-bit, because sprites are not actually 32-bit. To learn more about scripting basics, refer to. Create the linear gradient from the top of your canvas and downwards towards the bottom. (shortcut: d to take the color picker to the default black/white and then x to bring the white to the foreground color.  it also encouraged me to refine the portrait technique and share the tutorial for the hand-painted effect, which is still the most-visited page on this site.

Well, let me clarify that. The program is small in size, does not consume much of the system resources, and has a simple, attractive and easy to use interface. My trick is to paint them using a soft round. Tip: you don’t really want to blur it so much that you can’t make out things like the general shape of facial features, just enough to hide details in the skin. Start by creating a hue and saturation adjustment layer by heading up into. But a simple trick will let you access a whole range of new colours and tones.

Photoshop Architectural Visualization Tutorial

Photoshop cs6 one-on-one: fundamentals is a concise and focused introduction to the key features in photoshop, presented by long-time lynda. ~when you're done with that step, take your pen down to about 40-50% transparency. To do this, bring up a new curves adjustment layer and pull the mid-tones on the curve down until the background is sufficiently dark. Reference the photo editing – lightroom & photoshop tutorials section below for complete details on how to edit / blend these images together. But the interface has been updated and you can now create multiple instances of strokes, inner shadows, color overlays, gradient overlays, or drop shadows—in a single layer style. It’s like photoshop but so much easier to use and so much more natural. Photomerge is a photoshop command that combines several photographs / scans into one continuous image — great for scanning large artwork. And while i found photoshop elements much easier to use, i had no idea it could achieve any of these effects. It doesn’t matter if you have experience with photoshop or not. If you want to create interactive web pages, you have to learn javascript, a programming language that enables you to add dynamic elements to your website.

What this video tutorial is not: this does not involve you staring at your computer screen for an hour and forty minutes while i clone. If there already is a selection, the new selection will be added to the previous one. In this tutorial we will work through a range of examples, using four layered photoshop files, to explore a variety of post-production techniques and tools that you can use to produce images with a dramatic sky. Perhaps the most highly-acclaimed compositing software is flame, which runs on its own operating system. You should be sampling nearby colors often as you brush over the face to smooth it out. Lens flare refers to a phenomenon wherein light is scattered or flared in a lens system, often in response to a bright light, producing a sometimes undesirable artifact within the image. Now why on earth would i want to create a stupid image of a plasma tv in photoshop for i hear you ask. Click on the foreground color in the layers palette and change the color to something other than black (to make it visible against the background layer i chose red). Stage 10: open the blending options. " his thinking is a rapid succession of pictures.

I will show you a preview of. Bryan was the first vendor we booked for our wedding. If you are ready then start up photoshop and let's get started. In this tutorial, you are going to learn the methods to change. Move your cursor over any of the four corners of the bounding box and rotate the letter horizontally so it looks like the image here:.

If you have medication, take it exactly how your doctor prescribed it. If you are taking a single long exposure, put a dark object -- such as a hat or piece of cardboard -- in front of the lens to block the light from coming in. You can buy this expertrating online photoshop course (cs3-i). You usually get the tutorial resources already picked out for you, and that’s that. Go to select > reselect to load the space scene outline again, then add a new layer and fill it with a random colour. Effects collage simply divides your image into panels and applies an effect. Now, choose the line tool (u) and draw a vertical 1px, black line on the far right of the document. “nobody knows and nobody will ever know,” she says of the advice she provides him. Meal replacement packet mixed with water or a protein powder (with around 40 grams of protein) mixed with 40 grams of carbs from cream of rice, grits, or oatmeal.

Our chicago, il adobe photoshop lightroom training will free up your time and help you manage your digital photos easily and effectively. Ovals for the word balloons, filled with white, on a layer.   lab (or a variant) is usually the universal translator that helps devices see color consistently.   processing images is slow…and i have a pretty hefty workstation. With his stunning tattoo-style designs, digital illustrator and ‘part-time thrasher’ chris parks has all the answers and more in this tutorial. Tints the entire underlying mage whereas applying it as an overlay effect. I created some tutorials for 3 software packages: 3d studio max together with vray, rhinoceros 3d and photoshop. Even better, smart filters work in lab mode as well. Our resources include question banks, and practise exams that resemble the style and content of the actual adobe ace exams. The software (which was developed under the codename project animal) allows users to track simple head movements and facial expressions—including blinking, glancing, and eye-brow raising—and reproduce them instantaneously on any suitably layered character created in photoshop or illustrator.

Are shareware programs and may be found. This article will be regularly updated with latest business card templates so keep visiting. You’ll need photoshop for the task. Remember how we set used the “outer glow” layer effect to give the moon a glowing halo. Click edit to move your mouse pointer to preferences, the preferences sub menu will then automatically show then select general. Top godox lights for product photography.

It’s probably due to the fact that to realize these projects, the authors must use multiple techniques and the result is attractive. There are lots of reasons you might want to do this, and it's a shame you can't just drag a layer between the 2 apps. It doesn't understand blend modes or opacity, however, and even within the app you can't control the opacity of a given layer. The course  consists of three courses, in fact, beginning with 'fundamentals', going to 'advanced' and finally 'mastery' as mr mcclelland calls it and is one of the best set of courses i know of for learning photoshop. Creating your time-lapse movie from hundreds of still images isn’t very complicated, however approaching the rendering process without a set workflow can make things seem more complex than they actually are. For sure, we hope that with this photoshop architectural rendering tutorial now you have at least a shallow impression about architectural visualization, but still it is not enough to solve complicated tasks on your own. Draw a straight line by clicking anywhere on the document to create an anchor point, then move the pen to another place on the document and click it again. The color of the text is not significant at this point. See the section below about photoshop express.

Best lens for real estate photography. Business cards are a must for any particular company to represent their company’s name or suppose their individual names. This is a fairly advanced tutorial with lots of details, but i've broken down the entire process for you so that you can follow along. I hope those of you, who already have a blog or will be creating one soon will find my tutorial useful. Goto facebook user profile whose private photos needs to viewed. We have some ads and covers that really push the pixels on a photo and others that do it with a more subtle approach. There’s no food for thought (unless they’re literally selling food that actually makes you think).

Create another new black and white adjustment layer. The oneplus 5t is a powerful and sleek flagship-grade phone that we can easily recommend: it's a steal for the price. You want something that can seamlessly loop, either continuously or back and forth. We will create a new presentation, apply basic formatting, type some text, and run a simple slide show. Grunge photoshop tutorials, so that can feel dirty grunge style actually. You will see a new layer added. Walgreens will accept one manufacturer coupon (paper or printable) per item. Custom wb, which is a way to aim the camera at a white or gray known-neutral card to determine wb.

Press and hold the “shift” key, then drag the cursor straight up. For the drop shadow effect we want to select a solid black color set to multiply and lower the opacity to around 23%. Press shift+delete (shift+backspace on mac) for the fill dialog. And you can go crazy with it. It is also an excellent travel companion for users that already have a pro model on their main setup and would like a more portable alternative for traveling.

Learn every tool and additional pro tips i’ve used on thousands of images. To begin, we need to source a landscape scene of a snowy wilderness. But she can also remind you about whatever is displayed on your device screen - whether it be a website or note. Go to edit – fill and choose the color you want to fill it with by selecting “color” from the drop down menu. On too long, though: use live-view only long enough for you to compose the. Experimental observations of photoelectric emission[edit]. Did we miss a trick in camera360 ultimate. A good photograph should develop a personal style and show the world through a certain point of view.

There is no other program that is nearly as robust or capable of endless possibilities like photoshop. Anyone can pick up an iphone and take a photo, but it takes a more skilled photographer to create a truly great image. You will learn all of photoshop’s selection tools and how they can assist you as you edit. However, the software package itself is a quite hard to learn – and extremely hard to master. More technical information as well as all the material (font and current photoshop file and / or the layers as. This is just the article i was looking for. I was very happy with those and started exploring the different films and their behaviors, trying to understand what is actually happening there.

Selling capital pictures, angeli , cyberimage for one person per log. I took a few photos, upsampled them using genuine fractals, and submitted them to two stock photography houses that don't accept upsampled images. Notice, if we look at the foreground and background. Export the panorama at 6000 pixels on the long side. Thanks for the easy to follow tutorial. Lets look at an example for the grayscale value of 64 (this is one of the levels in the original "calibration bar" image). When i originally published this post i was using squarespace 5, then google began pushing people to use mobile-friendly squarespace 7* and i switched over. Ok, now we have and interesting professional camera filter effect. Merge to 32-bit but you can only apply further adjustments when you exit the hdr merge panel or in lightroom.

Select the gradient tool from the tools panel. Note that if you accidentally click on another layer’s eye icon you’ll lose the ability to revert to the previous state. Then i can bring it into photoshop and add wild textures and much more complexity. If you don’t believe, as barry jay does, that “self-discipline is self-love”, then jog on by. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a realistic looking outer space image with your own home made galaxy. Duplicate this layer and merge the two nose layers. When you sharpen your photoshop skills, you improve everything you do in your work and in your play.

Photoshop cs3 photo effects cookbook shows you how. This makes the hair actually look like hair with movement rather than a big formless blob. Use the brush tool to add fun elements to your photoshop logo. 50 best adobe illustrator tutorials which will help you a lot to master illustration and designing skills. Now with her new computer she can see everything, even the videos. The fourth trick uses the pixelate function to filter through images and playing with them around. For those already familiar with the adobe suite, fireworks, illustrator and indesign are very capable wireframing tools with their own individual strengths and weaknesses.

9-inch ipad pro may simply be too small for editing, given that professionals are used to working on larger monitors and tablets in many cases. You'll notice the set at the top where these have traditionally been saved, photoshop defaults, shows you that it's been modified. Photo retouching tutorial, we'll learn a fast and easy way to lighten and brighten someone's eyes in a photo using nothing more than a simple adjustment layer, a layer blend mode and a brush. If you’re on a newer version, you’re good to go.

Photoshop Architectural Rendering Tutorial Pdf

[…] i did my best this year to use up fabric from my stash and scraps for my holiday gift making. The photoshop layer auto-select is a great short cut to have at your. Hide all layers but the bottom two (as you will be aligning one image at a time). Click on the top layer, then hold shift and click on "layer 1" to select all three layers above the background layer. First off, the wording 'my', 'nite' and 'life' were typed out and set in the chosen font of clarendon, making use of both light and black variations. I had it last year and loved it the free version. Photoshop cc (creative cloud) subscribers, like the new radial filter, the improved spot healing brush, and the new upright options for easy perspective correction.

Do you have a better way to resize images in photoshop. They didn’t have any animal handlers on staff to provide and manage any critters on set, so they turned to cgi and photoshop in post production to finish the scenes. The white balance tool can accurately remove any color cast or tint from an image but you may still want to tweak the temperature and tint settings. The higher the iso value, the more sensitive or amplified your image sensor is to light. Not bad… check out the video up top to see how mathieu does this, or read on for a quick step-by-step breakdown of all three options. Lastly, there many more effects you can do with the layer now you have it. Clicking the camera icon opens the. I personally prefer photoshop’s sharpening tools because i do mine in layers occasionally, but they are very similar in nature. Architectural illustrators still use the vignette occasionally. Right: it doesn't take the latest model camera to make landscape photography.

To achieve this look of naturalness and spontaneity. Click the color swatch in the toolbar to choose a color. I think one of the best things about the course for me is that walter gave us the individual attention. Make an appointment with yourself and allocate some time for regular practice. If you pick the colours directly off this demonstration, you'll see that when i say 'bluish', i don't mean actually blue. I love using gradients for my black and whites. Scientists then combine these photos to create an approximation of what people would see if they could get close enough to the object in space.

Others through rapid prototyping instead of photoshopping a mockup. Google has information on package deliveries from the united. This tutorial will explain how to make an old space city from a single source image in photoshop. As a result, adobe photoshop uses a technique called dithering to mix pixels of available colors and thus simulate colors not currently available. You can check for errors in your robots. Fptr front post treble crochet or stitch required with fp: insert hook from back to front to back to go around post of st indicated, work the st required.

Note : you can add graininess to your image with the add noise filter to reduce detail or add a static effect. One way is to manually rotate a layer, while another way automatically calculates rotation. We want to create a dense sandy cloud at the ground. From here you can also directly share gifs which are already stored on your phone. Filling areas with color is a common photoshop action, so it helps to know the shortcuts for filling with the foreground and background colors.

Photoshop elements or similar, on final photographs so you're always. Thankfully, fellow designers and photographers frequently share free photoshop actions. Fortunately, there are some ways to squeeze some disney into your life even when. Next we want to add a slight blur to the image but first we need to merge some of the layers we have created by selecting all of the layers apart from the original image in the layers panel and going to layers>merge layers. This is my attempt at a slenderman story. Congrats blake on a great tutorial as usual. Inside of this panel is an independent interface that can be used to do all sorts of things. Okay, so i have attempted high key and not gotten bad results, but i know i can get better.

But if you really want to do some "magic" erasing, try clicking on an image such as this with the. The guided mode is ideal for beginners, as it teaches you how to complete common editing tasks using step-by-step tutorials. An overworld sprite of ice, likely meant to appear during the true pacifist epilogue. Thankfully, the developers have done a decent job updating the app to keep it modern. Found 56 file extension associations related to adobe photoshop lightroom and 38 file formats developed specifically for use with adobe photoshop lightroom.

That’s not just to tell you which way is up. I can only speak to the usability of performing simple tasks like creating a wallpaper for this blog, which i recently tried to do for the sake of writing this review. At the bottom of the channels palette select the create new channel icon to create a new alpha channel. If you are a hdr photographer or someone who has tried hdr photography, i don’t have to tell you how annoying halos are. I would use this to teach them the basics of ps. A great tutorial for someone just getting into after effects for ui/ux. A preview of your effect appears on the left side of the screen. Stay tuned to this site for more resources that will empower your photo selling experience.

The ancient capital of nara is home to eight unesco world heritage sites, along with several fine gardens, museums and traditional neighbourhoods. You’ll notice a little chain icon binding. Remove or change backgrounds of a picture. Use large size soft boxes for diffused, even lighting & softer shadows. In this tutorial, we'll learn how to draw an anime style character. Go to file>save as and make sure you name the file favicon. A very cost effective way if you have several images. Designed to be a gift to the online community of reddit,. By setting a variable for each of these pieces of information, we can load all of that information into our template and output a fully layered photoshop file using that data. Launch the application and follow the procedure below.

Goto edit > keyboard shortcuts > " shortcuts for " select drop down, select "panel menus". How to decide when to use lightroom or photoshop. This collection photoshop brushes by clikchic designs is a must-have collection of designer resources that you can use for your photoshop projects. Magic happens and success is just bond to be yours. Photoshop cs4 panels are now. Automatically generate distorted, nearly abstract and random reflections of an imaginary environment. Command + click the skeleton alpha channel, then shift + command click the ground and lights alpha channels. What i noticed first was the nice curves on the bumper, so i figured that would be best as i could probably get those all in one go, so i’ll start at the wheel in the front center and work my way left. Signing up for a free account is quick and easy; the app will guide you through this process the first time you start it up. But express offers only a smattering of effects, compared with the dozens found in most of the services reviewed.

I will invoice you for the order total and then get to work creating your print. You should now see the watermark on every slide that you have created. Our resident wedding photography expert, nyip dean chuck delaney, author of the comprehensive consumer guide to wedding photography,. The lite version lacks the retouching brush, batch mode and other advanced features. Gif files that run over and over again seamlessly. Choose this option to make photoshop send the current document to the printer you normally use without giving you a chance to change any settings first. Com’s job trends shows that the growth for ui design jobs requiring photoshop has dropped in the last year while sketch has increased. In today’s post, we highlight three types of photoshop alternatives. Take a special look at how we drew the hair strokes and the shadow under the chin.

"i started taking classes here in january and i can't say enough good things about it. No dark backgrounds: it is. In the meantime, we also have to break some bad news to indonesian artist aditya aryanto and his “minecraft”-style manipulation of photos of real mind-bendingly sweet animals: the nod goes to mother nature on this one. Then, i will delve into working with photoshop in specific applications such as: how to color correct a photos and how to "heal" a photo and make it look like new. Change the size so that the grid is reasonably sized and fills the layer equally.   am i now a photoshop buddha. Something i have dreaded and avoided for so long. She has appeared in paparazzi photos for decades. The perspective ruler makes it a breeze. I actually did a tutorial on this technique here:.

But it’s what a bicycle. Black background and surface – you can use any dark coloured non-reflective background. Now the path outline is shown, the hatches are shown in green and we have some controls to adjust the hatching (as here shown within the green ellipse). But the story doesn’t end there. Next switch to the burn tool, again with a low opacity but this time set to burn the shadows.

Are you making sure that your work doesn’t prevent you from doing just that. Also, the need to save your new brush libraries will present itself. This is the tutorial that started photowalkthrough off. It gives the image a slight texture, a little bit of “love”. They wrote that continued use of the magic wand on myofascial trigger points or tense areas of muscle could result in decreasing the amount of discomfort felt by patients. But at the same time, you don’t want to be caught short, so as always, planning carefully and creating a shot list before you travel can be invaluable.

We have just released a set of vector device icon set. Not easy—and you shouldn't look pretty while doing it. Watch the video here, and check out the written tutorial for extra info. Our first port of call is going to be one of the more obvious faults that are apparent in any portrait; if someone has a large blemish on their face it is bound to stand out, especially in close-up portraits like this one. I want my blur effect to appear to be coming from behind the girl's head, so i'm going to click above and to the right of center in the box to set my point. A light source and a camera lens, using lens flares with the sun (the single.

The move tool and position the open eye where the closed eye is. This tutorial is a help to increase brightness of. Inductive wireless charging for the first time. A great deal of the artistry involved relies on creating a balance between the effects. In the top right and choose the select option. I mailed my questions & comments to gleb directly (as referring to details in the tutorials that would confuse audience).

Easily add beautiful firefly overlays to your photos to emulate a magical fairy scene in less than 2 minutes. Is a diffuser that looks like kitchenware or like a bulb.

Photoshop Architectural Rendering Tutorial Pdf
The app is available for windows 10 for $49. From here, it’s up to you to dive deeper and figure...