Photoshop Valentine Tutorial


The course is taught on a medium / large tablet, using lightroom & big photoshop. A brilliant man once said the shortest distance between point a to point b is a straight line…. Create a linen texture in photoshop i’m sure many of you, especially mac/ios users, have noticed that apple has been using a ‘linen’ texture for the background of many of their designs. Ellipse tool (l) and create a rough oval, the same width as the rectangle. Working with pattern brushes and some incredible details, aaron mcgarry takes full advantage of illustrator's symbol libraries and brushes to generate the greenery and foliage around the pipes. Set the first box to “document name” and the second box to “extension”.

photoshop valentine tutorial
photoshop valentine tutorial

A strong blur effect has now been applied, although you’ll notice that it is not applied where edges were detected during the high pass process - we can reduce the blur to a natural level by reducing the opacity of our layer 1 as show in the following screenshot. I gave away my ebooks for free. For us – the secret's out: vsco is a must-have in our tool-kit – making it easy to shoot, edit, and share images with a quality that emulates what we first knew as professional photographers. Phototools free is a photoshop plug-in supported by cs3, cs4 and cs5 versions. The noise reduction will be applied. I had to change every part of my life. You just need to get the plugin, add the images, code and that’s it. Afterwards, go back to your canvas (do not click ok yet). The "how to" is a function of the specific software you are using, and we can't try to cover it all here. Elle and jj on my screen at the same time.

photoshop valentine tutorial
photoshop valentine tutorial

Listen, think and write it down. To help you better prepare your next email for outlook, we've outlined a list of helpful tips below. New goodies in this latest version include auto selection, which helps you to make composite images quickly, and smart selection brush, which expands your selections at a click. If it doesn’t work, you may need to. Super disappointed now that i am into the meat of moving my photos.

photoshop valentine tutorial
photoshop valentine tutorial

It does wonders for your outlook on life. Deactivate a plugin so it doesn't load when you start photoshop. Try refreshing bridge by choosing bridge -> refresh (or press the f5 key). Resetting the quick selection tool now allows me to change the cursor to a minus sign and remove unwanted areas of the selection. The follow-along method we use in our software workshops is tried and true. The actual ‘crop’ is easy. To duplicate a layer, simply right-click it in the layers panel, then select "duplicate layer. Recently one of my colleagues at adobe was matched with an 8th grader from westlake middle school in oakland, ca and used his mentorship to teach him photoshop. For instance in the case of jobpro, you will notice that the jobpro logo is a large square with 4 smaller squares, so the graphics on the site incorporate the square theme as well as the logo’s colors. To break you down to what we call parade rest in the military, and build you back up to the person that you're gonna be using photoshop.

photoshop valentine tutorial
photoshop valentine tutorial

Have a lot of pleasure. So don’t miss and keep visiting our website for more valentine’s stuff and tutorials of photoshop and illustrator. Pogue’s photography tips and tricks.  we feel the quality images helped a great deal. Rayce bird is a creature creator, teacher, and design consultant. In the future i will write a separate tutorial on how to design robot grippers, as it will require many more. In this tutorial you will learn how to use custom shapes, layer styles, and gradients in photoshop cs5 to create elegant valentine’s day card with ornamental heart. Umm, okay, i guess there isn't a second thing. If you can't see the grass brush, go to the brushes palette and load brush presets until you see the correct brush.

photoshop valentine tutorial
photoshop valentine tutorial

For comparison, here's how the painting initially looked before changing the lighting angle, back when the light was coming from the lower right. Unfortunately it is difficult to show this in an illustration. " from the options, choose "scale. Shot of the bride in the car with her dad. In most software, the rgb mixer lets you adjust the amount of red, green, and blue in each channel (yes, rgb control for r, g, and b channels. For example, a student could display a map of washington, d. These screen tests, a series of silent film portraits, featured factory regulars, celebrities, friends, guests, or anyone else warhol thought had “star potential. Its not about whether the picture looks real, just about the mask. Fire() function to create a new.

photoshop valentine tutorial
photoshop valentine tutorial

Apple is a great example of this: they generate a lot of product hype and develop gorgeous ads for their products well before they come out. Taking phone photos is often viewed as lazy and unprofessional, because any monkey out there can operate a cell phone. Only covered over in paper. Open the image you wish to add water drops to. To achieve the most dramatic effect you should use black and white film that has a rating that is more than 200. I'm creating images i would never have thought possible and i'm only on lesson 3.

photoshop valentine tutorial
photoshop valentine tutorial

We will quickly dive into how we can create different iterations of the same zombie that each look. Which i don't even know if that is its real name because my mom brought it home many years ago from work. Then select each layer in sequence and, with lock transparent pixels enabled use a soft brush to shade them in. Photoshop elements 7 makes it quick and easy to organize, edit, create and share amazing photos with others by leveraging the editing power of photoshop software, the professional standard for image editing. Open any image in photoshop.

In newer versions of photoshop the slice tool is stored under the. The pro video apps (final cut pro, motion, color, dvd studio pro) configure their windows/panels to take over one’s screen completely. Graphics created by a paint program, a scanning program, or a digital camera are made up of a grid of differently colored squares called pixels. She also claimed that the constant use of airbrushing by the title has led to low self-esteem levels among her friends. If you have reached the desired size, click the inside of the selection and drag the mouse to set the exact location of the marquee box. And while kylie’s smaller lips could be a result of bare-faced makeup or even photoshop, there’s no denying that they look noticeably smaller than the pout she was flaunting on instagram just a few months ago. This article explains how to use photoshop to create product boxes. There is something more that needs to be taken into account.   here is what the eyes look like after some sparkle. Select “rocket mid” by control clicking and then create a new layer within the “highlights” group with the name “rocket mid highlight”.

“the bathroom selfies just don’t do it. >' flag) is a special character in. Automated lens correction along with a huge number of professional graphic editing options are there in this tool to make it possible for the professional photographers to edit and enhance their digital images. Keira is already a beautiful woman who has modelled for some of the biggest names in fashion and is a pin-up girl for many. Here in this post, i have collected some black and white photoshop actions to help you create awesome black and white photos in seconds. Here’s how:  (screen shots using photoshop cc 2017. Make sure you exit whatsapp before you turn airplane mode off otherwise your efforts will be in vain. The best photoshop alternatives in 2018. Draw a very small circle at the. Trump's lawyers previously tried to have the suit thrown out, but judge peter messitte let it proceed.

The convert to toon boom vector drawing option will convert the image into a vector format. Wondershare filmora video editor features include:. We need to darken the inner curved parts of this splatter to create a convex look. As with anything else in photo editing applications, i can’t. Use option from black to. " the bartender considers it, then agrees. It’s now very difficult, for example, to out-paint the liquify brush. Where should a beginner photographer start with photoshop.

Actually, you can only see the corona during an eclipse. Now i realize that each of you will have your favorite way of removing objects in photoshop, and in no way am i trying to tell you to use content aware fill all the time. You can adjust the slider to knock out more of the green and also to fine tune your key with different edge effects and that kind of thing. To access photoshop's adjustment layers, all we need to do is click on the. 13) what is a benefit of creating snapshots in the history panel as you are working. Plugin ui in the editor. In recent versions of photoshop, the preset manager is by far the best way to install presets. Now, make a curves adjustment layer - layer>new adjustment layer>curves - click in the centre of the curve and drag towards the upper left corner. To constrain the drawing angle by 45 degree increments, hold down the.

Bear in mind that the uppermost layer supercedes the one below. Girard’s big idea was something he called ‘mimetic desire’. You may copy the values i used as shown. But before i wrap up part 1 of this tutorial, i want to share a couple of extra tips to add dimension to your elements:. It was a very enjoyable intro to digital photography. Valentines day 2016 photoshop tutorials will show you how to design a beautiful and effective poster for your valentine. C:101:76: error: ‘gegl_interpolation_nearest’ undeclared (first use in this function). Not boardingscene was not made it photoshop besidesthe buttons, it was made in flash + css.

As an alternative, you may choose not to prepare questions. As a commenter on the video said, it really is like playing minesweeper and can be a game of luck but you can make life easier for yourself by decreasing the tolerance and checking the contiguous box as others later mentioned. Selecting the black & white adjustment layer from the adjustments panel. It's a little bit complicated, i guess. The coolest part is that as you build your artboards into a moving, cohesive thing, principle gives you a working prototype to play with in a separate window that has a built-in screen recorder, too.

You are provided with a dynamic educational tool - an information rich resource you can refer to again and again. Solution, then, is to create image as 24-bit png images; images that contain all. The adobe support site has a detailed walkthrough on how to use the different shake reduction commands at your disposal. All pixels to convert to alpha value. This means you’ve isolated the image of yourself.

Photoshop Valentine Tutorial

Photoshop's large lens correction dialog box appears, with a few tools along the left, a large preview area in the middle and several options for correcting lens problems along the right. Now you know about the range. It’s now your time to apply this method to your photos and hence convert these to cartoons and all that without using up the photoshop. The basic strokes include hatching, cross-hatching, contour-hatching, scumbling, and stippling, as shown in the examples below.  as you probably know, everything in space is huge. Appropriate sequence of relative lines, '. Omotenashi point 4: public bath amenities. Tiff files have been corrected with lzw compression. You may be wondering why dropbox is included in this list of top picasa alternatives of 2018.

You should do a 'save as' now so you've got a backup copy. Using a soft-edged brush, and maybe by reducing the pressure and setting airbrush mode on, you will be able to gradually fade the edges of your layer to match the blurriness of the background. Ru i am using photoshop, not photoshop elements - the two programs are actually quite different. Fur can be very intimidating no matter what medium you use. Neck), as shown in figure 4. This book is a joy to work through. When and how to use dreamweaver’s 4 types of css rules. Are just a few tips that might help you through some rough.

Previously, you could purchase a boxed copy of photoshop without a subscription, but it would typically cost. Cheong fatt tze mansion and the cathedral of the assumption. We will also use a metal grid texture for a grungy background and paper texture to give a nice retro feel to our design. Try using some favourite adjustments, textures and plug-ins to enhance the image. Adobe says that photoshop cs3 extended is ideal for film and video professionals, professionals in the manufacturing industry, medical professionals, architects and engineers, and scientific researchers. What we are suggesting is that if/when you run into someone who is. Towers may never have been fully occupied. Why doesn’t bink slam headlong into that invisible wall. Adobe products (photoshop, illustrator & indesign):. More often than not, you will be using either rgb or cmyk color modes while working on photoshop, but there is a third option which can become very handy in some scenarios: lab color mode.

Multiplies the standardized (based on the domain 0. Save the new modified image with a different name in order that you also have the original image with you. Cherry blossoms: the blossoms look best if you use paper that is the same color on both sides. Is to name your layers and keep your workspace tidy, especially in more. ” so as i continue to work on healing and inner peace, i am left with 2 things: 1. Distorting the text is the easiest way to get it to fit flush with the wall.

  as you look at the way fabric drapes over a body, you’ll see that there are the places the fabric is being pulled or being compressed. 9 monks is a series of watercolor portraits done on a single 10″ x 14″ piece of arches paper. The specific adjustments needed in this step will vary from one photo to the next, but the goal is to create a darker image that still has sufficient contrast between the background and the scratches. Victoria's secret removes a butt cheek. Your wall should look like this now. What are masks in photoshop. The toolbar has been rock solid since the very early versions of photoshop with only additions from adobe added to the fairly set or perhaps even the occasional item being deleted or shuffled around or added to below another item. Creating a bed bug infestation scene with adobe photoshop. Usually i have 1 or 2 letters i need to put an accent on and character viewer work fine for that. Access now by clicking on www.

Since its whole purpose is to serve as a background, there's a few things photoshop won't allow us to do with it. The x represents areas to x. For his vampire makeup job, psd box official creates teeth in photoshop, then adds them as a separate layer. There have been many times when an image that looked like crap in the field turned out to be a wonderful image once i had a chance to fully examine it. It is very easy to begin editing the photos , adobe photoshop helps you to reduce the red eye or to whiten the teeth with the click of a button , you can adjust the skin tones of people in your pictures.

Vary size and rotation for a more natural look.   if you want to you can take an eraser and cut off any traces of background that you can find but they should be gone unless you have a really tricky image. So, i'll go to the file menu and choose open.  in photoshop extended, it also includes 3d tools. (i will show you how to do this via a video.

In this tutorial, learn how to quickly open multiple images and have photoshop place each image on its own layer within the same document. This layer to affect, so select the brush tool once again and black for. Similar to what you see on thesitewizard. Within the next 3 business days, your application will be processed and the instructional programs unit will contact you via email to put you in touch with an instructor, with whom you can discuss goals and meeting times. You shouldn’t be able to see any obvious lines that may give away your work. You could also re-use the same graphic layer with different photos, or re-use the graphic with different text. So i'm just going to hide our layer, i'm going to grab our video group there, just our video layer, and i'm going to apply a hue and saturation adjustment. The birds got colored and for a change i made a blue print of a house under them. Now that this done with lets start with the artwork :).

More self-explanatory than the photoshop collection and better organized. Input your desired proportion in the fields 3 and 4, you have to write the units like 7in or 10cm. Yes, you can use photoshop brushes in affinity photo.   instead of trying to correct the color there, i decided to add to it to make it an obvious flare. Right here you’ve gotten some of the most effective valentines day 2016 photoshop tutorials. These glasses use a colored gels to selectively filter out the opposite color image. In the window that appears enter the name 'sparkle' and click ok. Folks, i have it on very knowledgeable sources. I am really altering the mask, but it appears as though i am altering the shape itself.

" - adobe photoshop express team. Eraser tool (e) and erase the image in the middle, leaving some blur areas at the edges. This rating reflects the community rating for the tutorial. Since i saw you out in los angeles, i have really been playing with photoshop again. And i'm an instructor for the school of design at rasmussen college. The z connector is designed to go onto the female molex connector one way only.

I prefer to use this method over 3rd-party plugins because it works. The text, being left-justified, cannot be seen.  whether it’s a valentine’s note or card, this graphic design photoshop tutorial will show you how to design a beautiful and effective poster for your valentine. In addition to the project file (download in the box on the right) you need to download the fire clip which you find at detonationfilms. Xara 3d is an application that can transform 2d text into 3d text. In this brilliant cinema 4d tutorial, hosted on lynda, explore the core techniques and tools you need to get started with the latest version of the software. It’s time for the eyebrows.

I left my camera outside on a pile of wood so it stayed cold and was ready to shoot again as soon as i was back out. Lastly, i have three options for how to include the file extension: lowercase, none, uppercase. In the regular game, you would not see the strap displayed right now. Nomedia for long and then delete it. Your style might, in fact, be wrong. I love teaching and photography. It details how to create the brushes themselves and save them into a set. Then right-click on one of them and select convert to smart object.

Okay, we can end it here, but we are going to try one more thing. It will appear like the image below. Here, you'll find a list of every panel that's available to us in photoshop. Here is a bit about the character, blair, from soul eater. Learn how to design a magazine layout right inside adobe photoshop. …if you double click on that bug,…this is a photoshop document,…and you can open it up and make some changes. Making an object in a photo disappear is a time-consuming task in photoshop but the photo editing software will soon have a more effective tool for wiping out telephone poles, trash cans, and other objects that are better left out.

I mean that people will come out and see this other side of you and love it just as they do the cheap trick side. Add various buttons and dials to the body of the character with more basic shapes, keeping everything centered with the head. But, what’s even more amazing is when they bring a drawing or 2d digital image to life. I'd say this book could be placed in a pretty high percentile in terms of the value and effectiveness of its presentation, although by no means does it get a perfect score. Shift key as i drag to limit the angle in which i can move, which makes it easier to drag straight up vertically:. Finally, the line-topping sport trim adds a 2. "i dedicate three chapters to camera projection in maya. To modify a paragraph style you can either. Thanks exactly to the photographer and his work; we have the opportunity to look back again and again the once experienced happy moments.

Wrinkles have been removed, gums have been made to look more subtle, teeth are brighter and whiter, bags under the eyes have been reduced, and her complexion has a lot more color overall. Luxury text style for valentine party flyer photoshop tutorial. Next, grab this grunge brush pack here. This will establish a connection pool with mongodb when we start the express app. I was editing a dng file. I was afraid to leave for years, even though i knew i should, because i was afraid of his threats. Now the “o” breaks a few rules we’ve set up like size and width, and admittedly now it looks a little weird next to the rest of the letters, but once the whole word is complete it’ll make far more sense, so just go with it for now. Double-click the page 1 movieclip to open it in the symbol editor. To make sure you don’t lose any of your content that you’ve created on your page, click “update”.

As you can see in our example though, it is really important to perfectly surround the picture when using the ‘lasso’ tool. Cut down on cooking oil. Combines these timings to create a perfect posting schedule and stick to it. Personally i like it better than even kodachrome 25 . I hope the techniques in this article have been useful to you. It was astute members of the blogosphere that first noticed problems with the images.

Easy Valentine Photoshop Tutorials

Strangers are more likely to get completely freaked out by the unknown adult dressed like a witch demanding free candy. I would highly recommend him to other co-workers and friends. If people are going to make arguments against something, anything, they should use facts. And the color strength, there we go. This guide is available as a traditional 96 page large-format (8. Check to see more images and contact simon to reserve your date with experienced wedding photographer simon andrews. This tutorial will probably not make a lot of sense or be too helpful until after you watch the videos explaining how to use the clone painting set-up within photoshop.

We would usually expect to pay a bit more for talent, but most of the models would be booked for multiple days, and the nature of the shoot (food being the main focus) meant that we were mostly looking for background talent rather than principals. Ad agency bigwigs and book publishers often rely on floral typography when they need bold, organic imagery—but with our straightforward tutorial, you too can add this advertising “secret weapon” to your arsenal. The public idea of concept art is skewed. How to create a cool glitch photo effect in adobe photoshop. Very well written and very good detail with a stunning result -- excellent job on this tutorial(5 years and 1429 days ago).

This photoshop tutorial shows you how to create a cool old photo transfer edge effect using a piece of stock photography, an alpha channel and the burn and dodge tools. I bought photoshop cs and reluctantly put it back on the shelf in the closet. Note: in my before and after photo, more subtle blue skies are possible, but mine is very very blue to show the effect. Foreground color box is the current color of your brush. Hard one to explain – try it out.

Too tired of lugging their technical burdens. “when you’re in there watching it’s tiny,” says bannon, with interest.   you have resized your image. First, fill the layer with the color #985b19 using the paint bucket tool (g). There are a lot of tools built into photoshop cs2 — an awful lot. In the image shown here, i clicked on the back of the bride’s dress. Is a dying browser, after all. (ususally ctrl+prtsc on pcs). Understanding high dynamic range (hdr) photography. Create another layer and fill the selection with white.

Away see how it is going to look in your game or scene. However, if you don’t have time to check them all, use photofunia drawing effects to transform your pictures. Largely thanks to your instruction, i now use it for almost 90% of my photo work, and i have recommended your videos to many other people. You can insert your design on the top and front cover using smart object. Make the same shape then duplicate and drag it to the right and then do the same thing on the bottom. They can be complementary, but it’s not necessarily needed. Psd file of all the layers. You can get this ideal camera app for free though it comes in with ads and in-app purchases.

Plus, you'll be the first to hear about new products, freebies, and tutorials. This is also a massive spoiler warning if you have yet to play my home game, so if you're still willing to read beyond this point, then it's your loss, bucko. Quark xpress, not being an adobe product, works slightly differently. Find out more about selections in lesson 5, “making the best selection. The result may be awesome, if your subject is hovering or if you shoot with panning. At the moment, our picture frame is looking a little flat. To do that, menu > file > import. In most cases you want to capture a well exposed photo where the histogram covers most if not all of the available range. I re-sized my text fill the entire document, with just a bit of white space around it, too. Lets start by sketching out the drawstrings that enable the wearer to tie or tighten the hoodie around the head.

You may or may not find the adobe photoshop cs4 classroom in a book to be useful. The point of using a green (or blue) screen is that it makes it easy to separate your subject from the background. So these “business” licenses have this helpful capability which allows you to order the latest release (like cs5. This is the final practice on photoshop. Now we will prepare the trees to be added to the scene. Naturally, we alternate every week. Anyway, here’s something along those lines that might surprise you: the photo editing app that comes with your iphone is actually not too bad for simple adjustments that need only a few taps. Photomerge includes new features for combining several pictures. Radius: this setting is image resolution dependent and is usually kept between the values of 1 and 2. Don't miss your alarm, even if your battery is low.

Star wars was released with a yellow-bladed lightsaber. “the tonal range of an image represents the amount of contrast, or detail, in the. So in this case, i'll hold down shift and drag a. Sketch em' out on paper if you have to (i do it all the time. Brightness-contrast for making more realistic skin color.

Now what ever you select by clicking and dragging gets removed from your current selection. If you right-click on a section of the line where there is no anchor point, the pop-up menu allows you to create one there. 34+ eyelashes photoshop brushes free download. Gradient overlay effect used for the red rectangle shadow (step 2. I very much appreciated your tutorials on that subject in the post-processing section of the book, thanks so much for this resource. Hide focus areas: give the photoshop program the ability to create its own masks by automatically selecting the focus areas in the image.

These are covered in the.  that way i get to choose exactly what i want to do with the image once it's loaded into photoshop. Next, click to activate the other document and then press command + v (pc: ctrl + v) to paste. In the find/change dialog, make sure that it is set to always set to search the current story, not the entire document (unless you want to search the entire document). If you haven't yet got hold of this handy little photoshop accessory, this is how it works.

Do candid photos even exist anymore. Ellipse tool to outline points of interest in those screenshots, but i could just as easily choose from one of the others. Open the image in gimp and use the tool “lasso” to select the watermark. In our blog box you will find the headshot retouching tutorials and videos about post production. We offer our adobe photoshop course at three levels: introduction, intermediate and advanced. You won't be able to achieve the bokeh you'd get out of an expensive camera, but you might be able to put more emphasis on your subject if you try using the effect to your advantage. This one, go to teamtreehouse. For example, on the ps3; when you press slideshow on the photo album, it softly pans over the images before changing to the next ones.

It's getting close to christmas, and if you're a geeky girl who has been dying to try photoshop, you might have this on your wish list. Select the type of shortcut you want to create. The hospitable torajan people consider it an honor to have foreigners at their celebrations and often welcome them as guests. Control + c > control + v), select the copy and place it as shown in the third image. If you work through every example in the book you will have achieved a rich knowledge of photoshop elements that will benefit you greatly as you tackle future projects. Overlay effect can be a bit strong so we don’t want that in some areas). Growing up in the age where i did a fair amount of work by hand, this type of setup was vital to getting an accurate drawing. You will find that you can paint much more loosely and freely, because the digital portion sets up the picture quite well, you are adding the finishing washes and colors. Fx guru, in the same way as action movie fx, has a selection of special effects options embedded into the original application, with additional packs at just $0.

His book opens up the design world, and lays it out in an easy-to-follow way. Reading: tutorial 13: restoration case studies. Perhaps with maxwell you may find an easier workflow but not so many tutorials as with v-ray. I’m testing the windows-based version of the package, but an apple os version is also available. For instance, rather than forcing readers to leaf through a lot of non-gimp plot to see a few pages of peril action, would editing out the highlights be okay… or do you want the whole story… or both.

You'll notice the gradient is covering the whole image – don't panic. Editing specific frames in photoshop | source. The header up top uses the slider i mentioned & multiple other elements on page, such as the sidebars use it as well. Zoom in and use the eye dropper from colour range (. Luckily, i still have time and i’m going to take the next month to really focus on making images that matter to me (my own personal projects) while learning a few new things at the same time as i try some new techniques and tools. Set the 'hardness' slider to 80%. It is available not only for windows, but also for linux, mac or chromeos. When the user moves both touch points in parallel, the view pans without rotating or scaling.

As you see we’re having two light sources, one from the moon and one from the blue effect at the right corner of the street. Normally i apply my brushes in a new layer however i neglected to do that for this tutorial. 3d (photoshop extended version only). …this is going to be the little base of our light bulb. I work in 16-bit exclusively because our images are full of color and vibrancy and i am always saving jpegs out for clients. The bottom frame intentionally looks horrendous. Up till now you might have thought that achieving this look was difficult and time consuming, but in fact it is remarkably easy, and it is done using textures. No matter which tool you use, it’s easy to create text that curves along a path, with additional options for changing text effects and spacing. To be able to master the ancient weapon you have to be skilled and interactive with the force. Now that we have a decent looking black and white image where both the hair and face are well exposed, i need to clean up the background and silhouette of my hair.

It is important to assign an order to all the flex item’s siblings or this property has no idea what to order the flex-item relative to. Allversity is here to help you learn the basics of photography, so that you can take spectacular photos – even if you have just an ordinary camera. It is very handfull for example when you are preparing illustrations to sell them on stock vector images sites. We our model for this tutorial comes from a great stock photo that. Blend exact brush (b) and drag on through the main object’s edge. This tutorial describes how to use the. Scarecrow, transformed into a gigantic monster through his fear gas, revolves like a lighthouse in the middle of the level. Fair warning: this font is mainly for designers and those who have experience in photoshop and illustrator. You can get the inspiration where to paint on the the picture below.

Photoshop Valentine Tutorial
Using a rough white brush (like the previously mentioned oil brush preset from gps), mask off the layer so the...