Wordpress Photoshop Tutorial


The most critical determinant of taking high quality aerial photos is to avoid photographing through a window. And your choice of typographic elements might just make them stick around to read the rest of what you have to say on your webpage. But, they are products i have used that come close. The first paid photography job i ever did was an engagement session, which i think is common for shooters just breaking into the world of weddings. "very nice and patient with my son and i as we computer illiterate. I grabbed two pics from here:. Create your own with just photoshop. It was crucial i completed it that day, but my mind was struggling to stay focused, and my attention bounced around from other people’s conversations to my phone to anything but what i needed to do.

wordpress photoshop tutorial
wordpress photoshop tutorial

However, you can use the wrinkle reduction feature on pinkmirror to give yourself a blast from past to a time when you were a little younger but not nearly as wise as you are now. This should conclude our tutorial, though you might want to experiment on your own the different options and settings configurable at the properties panel of shape tweened frames. And here's how i used them in photoshop:. Group the layers and rename the group to len’s flare. With this particular tool, it’s simpler to import, organize and export the projects and also the files you’ll need and therefore are focusing on. Wow this is a very detailed tutorial, and very useful. Which reminds me…with so many versions of photoshop out there, people often ask me if it works for their version.

wordpress photoshop tutorial
wordpress photoshop tutorial

For our android friends, we are releasing photoshop fix 1. If you do have a pen tablet installed and want even more dynamic control over the size of your brush stroke, try out the. It’s a little gimmicky now, but in 20 years, when you look back on these pictures, then the extra life added to portraits is going to be amazing. The new brush system in photoshop cs5, are amazing. The final option is show transform controls. 4  now drag this image again from main document file and arrange it exactly over that place and name it flowing animation in the layer palette, your wish name it any name as you like and apply mask wherever bring better feeling. A 'rich cursor' display (new to cs6) will appear indicating the current angle of rotation. In between each spiral squiggly, draw a small circle:. Unlike any of mentioned software octane render isn’t hybrid engine (running on cpu & gpus), nor does it run on cpus at all, at least for now, as recently in gtc 2015 unveiled version 3 will run on more devices & have more impressive feature list.

wordpress photoshop tutorial
wordpress photoshop tutorial

How to make an animated gif from static images. Look no further than the actions palette. Do not deselect the selection. You can also duplicate an artboard with the assigned guides to assign identical guides to the duplicated artboard. Jeans that come with a classic one-button, zipper closure are best for holding in a tummy. Image -> colors -> invert). We hope to see support for this soon, as touch screens are becoming more and more important nowadays. Turn your path into a selection.

wordpress photoshop tutorial
wordpress photoshop tutorial

You can correct this by adding a layer mask to the sharpened layer and paint away the effect from the parts that don’t need sharpening. The application of the colors resulted in a layering effect, in which the color applied first was transposed with each of the following colors. That’s very simple to do and there’s more than one way to do it. When drawing traditionally, you are forced to work on the dimensions of the sheet of paper. Want to take gorgeous photos of your friends and family with an arty blurred out background effect. Follow along and learn how you can harness this distortion powerhouse for your specific project.

wordpress photoshop tutorial
wordpress photoshop tutorial

For those of you who are interested and not worried about what the people around you on crowded trains will think when you play it, the game is available to for free right now via the google play store. My worry here is not knowing what the future holds. A bigger f-stop number will give you a greater depth of field, which means that everything in the photo will be in focus. // one color for each vertex. Use a larger soft white brush set to 40 % opacity to blend the skin with the skull over the rest of the face. Girls, boys, and adults will find this new app extremely funny. I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and would love to hear your comments. The liquify tools palette resides at the left side of the liquify window. Photoshop is great to use for creating quality icon designs. Most people draw the outline on paper then use a scanner to load the outline into photoshop.

But if you use content-aware fill on your background layer, you end up changing those pixels permanently. Let’s just say creating a flyer is like cooking, you need the complete ingredients first before anything else. The steps in this tutorial work for photoshop cs5 and above. Photoshop water reflection: the entire image is now filled with white. If you try this out, it will give your inner child a way to go on strange new adventures. The quality level, i'm sure, is pretty good; we'll open it--there is where it was; there is where it is; it looks just as good. • you don’t have to pay admission fee, instructor fee or other value added funds. If you would prefer to learn on a course with a group of other people, rather than on a one to one basis, please click on the image on the left for details of digital photography and lightroom training courses in the peak district, derbyshire and sheffield area.

Let’s hear it for no consequences–woo hoo. So here are some very. Input some basic information about you and the application, then we will check and approve your submission. And that’s it for using layers in photoshop. Shouldn't try to repeat these particular settings since it is specific to. The preview orb in the top right offers a preview of the texture that is active. If you purchase the photography plan, you'll stay current at a cost of $120 per year, and you can definitely expect a major version release (or several) before you'd have reached an equivalent cost. There are hundreds of new features and functions in adobe’s creative suite 5, but perhaps the most talked-about is photoshop’s content-aware fill – which allows you to move or delete content and photoshop will automatically and intelligently fill in the space left behind.

Right click on the desired image> click on the save image as> and then open the image from the download folder. Subsidiary question: you refer to 'image layers' but this is not one of the types of layer listed in affinity photo help (pixel, mask, adjustment, fill, snapshot, vector). It’s accomplished by using smudge tool. Set the layer’s blend mode to overlay and its opacity to about 50%. 5 click once in the color pane to select an orange color. Camera raw's tonal controls have become so good that they now surpass those found in photoshop, especially when working with raw files. I'll do it on the color wheel to see what it's doing to my colors. By bracketing this way, professionals create the building blocks for their perfect image. The average wedding photography cost is roughly $1,000.

And click the divider in-between the adjustment layer and the single. Let's remove some of them. Smart objects are so useful, whether you use photoshop for vector graphics or photo editing. Take a very soft round brush set to about 15-20% opacity. Step 2: open select and mask tools. If you want to keep them. 5) select the new album and then click “move photo” and you should be all set.

The variables menu lets you designate areas of your document as placeholders for other images or text  that photoshop  adds automatically from a specified data source (see the next item). Do not resave altered images as jpgs. With over 60 million websites running on it, here is a photoshop tutorial recreating the wordpress logo. For the most part, scaling down large images into small icons works well, but if you want a really crisp looking icon it may be worth designing a smaller version of your icon specifically. Leave the gym and let the balance of body and muscle burns more fat. Here’s what you’ll need for a 15″ x 25″ quilt:. This is a new day. Using the eyedropper, you can select the color to be changed, and with the lasso tool, you can deselect anything you don’t want to edit.

Each of the expanded options (shown on. ” this means you won’t be able to make changes to the images’ positions, but converting to an image file is necessary for anyone without photoshop cs4 to be able to open your collage. Some even consider calories as an opponent. In today’s photoshop tutorial, we’re going to learn how to create a clean wordpress-styled website/blog design. Select the armature and then hold shift+left mouse button on the deforming bones layer to hide them. Our old method isn’t working anymore, so we have updated this new trick for you.

Monsters will talk to the player during the battle, and the game will tell the players what the monster's feelings and actions are. I'm trying to set up photoshop cc 2014 for pixel art graphics, but i have this weird issue where my pixels don't align to the grid. That said, i tweaked the logo in illustrator and added the shadow where i thought it would work well. Doing face swap in photoshop will be easier for the beginners than face swap using gimp, lightroom, after effects or various apps in snapchat, etc. Again, i can modify this. Drawing tutorials are categorized by medium and can be accessed by clicking on the "drawing" tab in the main menu throughout the site. The ultimate collection of retro glitch effects and overlays.

Also, one more question if you don't mind: how does the decombinate work. You’ll probably notice some artifacts around the perimeter of your moon. You’ll end up with a flurry of possibilities and will find that you erase on purpose more often than not. That would be good to know. Menu and select new document and choose your own document dimension. Once it leaves the barrel, it begins to slow down. If you don’t want to enhance photos manually however, don’t worry as you can automate the process by using actions in photoshop. Rather than try and be a comprehensive guide to every kind of sfx photography (an impossible task), this book focuses on 11 different shoots, each one providing a detailed look at one particular photo and how it was created.

We do cover what's new in the latest versions of the program, but most of our tutorials will work with any recent version of photoshop, from photoshop 7 and cs through to photoshop cs4 and the new photoshop cs5. Just make sure they are at a minimum of 150dpi. Since then, kate has stated several times that she’s very anti-airbrushing. From here, using the select tool, select the c, right click on it, go to arrange > send to back. Occasional color registration errors (mainly along the long axis of the page), which necessitate recalibrating the printer to account for slippage and drift in the paper feed system.

Wordpress Photoshop Tutorial

Zander sported a top hat and wore a suit that had old cheap trick photos printed on it. Note how i have used clipping paths on all the new fill layers. You want to click on. I have an example photoshop file of the front and back with the logo for the product we’ve come up with. Create your own (see the screen shot below):. I’m unclear on what you’re not seeing.

Many third-party camera apps have been updated to include new manual features, and new ones have been released, too. The left, click the “who. First step is to sharpen some parts of the image with . And here, after lowering the overall contrast with the basic panel, is my final "vintage photo effect" result:. Texture elevation range values can be adjusted for each corner of the simulator and are labeled accordingly. With so many standard smartphones around, it seems only right and proper that one of the world’s largest software developers have taken the decision to extend the app with a version now being available specifically for smartphone devices. The hsb (hue, saturation, and brightness) model is based on the way the human eye sees color. (this is where working with adjustment layers is ideal.

Otherwise, once or twice a year is probably fine. With photoshop elements haze removal, spotless horizons, oceans and landscapes have never been so easy. The face aware liquify tool, for example, can now adjust each eye separately instead of only adjusting both at once. How to use apply image in photoshop. In this photoshop tutorial i'll show you how to add a comic book effect to an ordinary photo using a few layers, the cutout and poster edges filters and a few different layer blend modes. Well, actually there’s a whole lot more. By default, this is set to inches. Of a building for example and you can then move it to the other side. Keep the resulting shapes selected and press (. Bloomberg points out, this move has been a long time coming, as adobe has been making a concerted effort to modernize its slate of software solutions for more than five years.

Upon stacking the two test patterns (and checking the rgb values for each segement of the image in photoshop) we confirm that the actual result matches the prediction. Q: where does vampires keep their savings. As well as adding typography – lots of fonts and full control over size, positioning, opacity, rotation, and colour – you can also layer illustrations, ornamentation and other design elements on top of your image. Both are less sophisticated than photoshop cs6 extended but include filters, layers and effects. And here is a screenshot, so you can visualize the steps. Get vsco cam effects with these photoshop actions.

She has kindly agreed to let you download the photo used in this composition so you can work through tutorial. In keeping with the lightsaber cut/burn theme i'll show you this tutorial which shows how to get a good looking lightsaber burn. Go back to the merged layer and head to the next step. I have tried both the manual method as well as several brands of hdr software. There are several photoshop tutorials out there for how to turn a photo into an oil painting, and here’s one fantastic example. The more triangles in a mesh the more detailed the object is, therefore translated in increasing the requirements for display. Digital asset management for teams. In the duplicate image dialog box, you can name it anything you like, but to follow this tutorial reference, name it "passionfire" and hit ok.

On that screen you create your new image. You will soon receive an email with a direct link to your profile, where you can update your preferences. Sometimes you might struggle to find new content, but marketing tools like post planner help you locate engaging content that’s specific to your niche. Choose “convert to smart object”. So why don’t we create these grooves now. This is another thing you might have to experiment with.   however, we do also have a page still available with several hours of free tutorials for pse 10 & 9 and earlier. Resources to help enrich academic programs while boosting productivity. Make a copy of this banner and leave 20px of vertical space between them.

Perfect for that extra touch every photo needs. Today's lesson: motion guides and how they make life so much easier when you're trying to animate stuff. In this video i’ll show you just how easy it is to clean a cluttered image and then i’ll reverse the concept to make a complex strobe style montage from an action sequence of images. Gradient overlay: black-white gradient – opacity: 16 – angle: 90. Photo collages can be a great way to showcase multiple images, as well as create images that are more likely to be repinned on pinterest. I loaded both pdf files into the same photoshop document, and drew a rectangle over the 2d terrain (figure 1) to establish my cross section boundary. You can follow the tips i wrote here: https://moblivious. Nace mentions up front that you should save sharpening for last in your photo editing workflow.

10 best photoshop 3d text effects. Digital painting tutorial step 3: taking the canyon rocks further. The 30 yard can be used for tree trimming or larger business projects and to take care of demolition waste. Making lines with the basics of photoshop. Gordon mentions a criminal who, like batman, has "a taste for the theatrical", and who leaves joker playing cards at his crime scenes. Vintage art is an amazing projection of a time that has passed us by. What is curves used for in photoshop.

I’ll add them here if i find more). Selecting the polygonal lasso tool from the tools palette in photoshop. Image on the right shows the same two layers in. What photoshop does best is manipulate existing images, and the key to manipulating anything is getting a good hold on it, which in image terms means defining the path around what you want to alter. In fact, the smallest salary i found, $23k a year, came from a company with less than 200 employees.

In the next few tutorials posts we’re going to go through the process of building a wordpress theme, starting today with the initial design concept in photoshop. In this tutorial, you will use many tools and methods including shapes, blending options and text tools to design a dark & minimalist wordpress theme using adobe photoshop.   as a small example of this, my own lumenzia luminosity masking panel for photoshop has an enhanced user interface when running on cc, and offers a few enhanced functions that aren’t possible on cs6. Open photoshop and hit control + n to create a new document. Technically, photoshop has several times more features than lightroom does, but it isn't just about how many features it has.

Her works drew my attention when i saw them for the first time. Obtaining the gambling shelf company in costa download pdf income opportunities your personal rv chris fallica, steve coughlin and more explore. The angle option will help you to align the light from a specific direction, and global light will enable you to have all objects with layer styles following the same light direction. Notice it’s blowing out here. When you think it’s been evenly rubbed down–don’t wait too long–then pull the drawing back and the drawing should have transferred. 1stwebdesigner is designed for multi-disciplinary web designing tutorials featuring categories of web design, wordpress, photoshop web designing tutorials, coding and inspiration. Select the pixels of your hand lettered art layer in photoshop.

Setting up the console window in adobe reader xi. Such photographs are usually taken in a photo studio but not always. Stop by kid to kid to pick up some adorable outfits to coordinate your photo shoot. My friends often ask me what camera gear they should use for birding. The fastest, easiest way to learn adobe photoshop elements 4 for windows. Officially, there's been around a half-second delay in my past tests between lines made with the pencil and when they appear in photoshop. However, let’s assume that this digital clock has the bluetooth ability to download the music file of your choice from the internet and play it when the alarm goes off… then you would need to write a. Grab the brush tool (b), select some very small brush (master diameter on 2 – 5 pixels), lower its opacity on 10% and pick white color. This means every 16 pixels we need to have another grid line. But in concert with its software it transcends all competition; together the ipad pro, the pencil and the apps built to work with it are a transparent, inviting window into artistic, expressive play.

3 - map these base shapes with rectangular maps. Create new layer and select the. For those of you interested in making the bulb turned on, create a new layer over the "glass mount" and below the "metallic body" layers. So if i go to my switches and modes and toggle over my switches, i can turn this. This is the kind of effect we are going to create using this tutorial. Even though the ability to combine video snippets is an improvement over lightroom 4, this module still needs work, especially if you compare it to the capability of aperture’s slideshow tool. While most mainstream linux distros come with photo management software, these applications are more suited for shutterbugs than serious amateurs and professional photographers.

It also has a feature that allows you to blur out certain parts of an image instead of the whole. How to download and print:. And for composites, it's a wonderful way to tie all of the random parts of the image together. Rolling guidance algorithm mentioned before. To show how to use a droplet, let’s create a simple action and then set it up as a droplet. Nowrescale it using ctrl + t. If we want to make prints. After all, the facebook cover’s dimensions are different from the standard 16:9 widescreen way of shooting videos. It’s the first ever complete photo service made specifically for professional photographers.

If a control has additional options (for example, the color control contains the saturation, hue and vibrance tabs), select the corresponding tab to fix that aspect of the image. When you get home the image will be open in photoshop and waiting for you to get to work. If you’ve any whatsapp tricks to share for any platform just comment and i’d be more than happy to include it in this list with proper credits. 03 - how to add foreground details. The last thing we want to do is to create some inner shadows for both sides (40% opacity, 0px distance, 20px size). Lakes, the ocean, windows, and buildings reflect light and add extra oomph to your picture. The camera shake reduction command is a special filter in adobe photoshop’s filter gallery that can reduce the blurriness in any image.

Finally, smudging allows you to drag a color from one area into another. I think the admin of this web site is actually working hard in favor of. Gavin takes you on a journey of hundreds of miles as we explore what makes the perfect photo. When do i use adobe photoshop. I like to create dynamic work that conveys a sense of velocity in its subjects, and the visual featured in this tutorial is a prime example of that style. This is what the unsuccessful ones looked like.

Brightness and contrast adjustment layer and make sure you press the. Tutorials are online and help is available via email. Find out how to do it realistically. With these two indicators, moving towards a ship is fast and accurate: move the horizontal plane marker on top of the disc, then drag downwards to the bottom of the line to set the vertical plane. You can also view the parameters of each object.

Wordpress Theme Photoshop Tutorial

With the move tool selected, just click on the photo you want to move and drag it onto your triptych canvas. Pro interface will be familiar to those coming from photoshop. The tools are vast though, so you’ll be diving into some tutorials to fully grasp everything that’s going on here. Create a mobile shopping app design in photoshop. There’s too much crossover between the distribution methods and the initial “creation. Command-a on a mac or. We’ll handle those in part two. Actually let's go and jump to that other stuff now. Add frames manually to the timeline. Creating realistic wood texture in maya, using only procedural textures.

Next go edit>copy, to copy this entire path to the clipboard. Get an a+ in photoshop. Jk, they usually don’t. This isn’t as direct as my previous gigposter tutorial (by the way – thanks to everyone who found that helpful. You will learn retouching techniques, how to make facial features pop out, create a grunge poster, how to create a portrait, how to transform a person into a cartoon character or a video game character and how to place a normal person into different situations by using adobe photoshop. With your purchase you will also receive video tutorials to help walk you through the steps of installing and using this brush set in both photoshop and photoshop elements. The mask you are creating will show up as red/pink colour. He wanted the advertising to be a visual diary using pictures of natalie portman as anne frank.

Before we move on to creating the 3d text, you need to also understand the position of letters: take a look at the second image below. If you’re not sure how to get two images on separate layers, see this super-quick tutorial on adding and arranging images. Introduction to photoshop 3d tutorial. Logos need to have a certain resolution to look sharp and clear in your design; there are different requirements for print and web. By simply selecting layers in photoshop and selecting a series of checkboxes, you were able to integrate a physics system, animations, and sounds into an application. See how it’s pushing out here. The click on the image to pick a color (start with the most prominent one). Work on the editing changes further by using some watercolor brushes.

Some have been available in windows for a number of generations, while some are native to microsoft's most recent os. And what i’m doing is i’m looking at the colors here in the white, and that’s why i chose this woman in the white dress. What you can do in photoshop that you can't do in lightroom. It could be done globally as all creative process can be done on internet and digitally and it will be the goal to make it as wide as possible. Circle, select pattern from the list in the tool options bar paint bucket. Beauty doesn’t have to hurt. Quick tiptry angling your vignette to create completely unique and intriguing vignettes for your photographs.

Ideally you want to keep them in 16 bit mode during raw processing, though if you have been using a high-res digital back or camera, seven files of 100mb or so each can be too large for all except the most ram enabled and fastest computer to handle. Draw out a path using the pen tool (p) and then hit the letter (a) to grab the direct selection tool (either the black or white arrow works) and simply right click the path and choose “fill path”. In this tutorial you can choose to leave it brown or you can add a red tinge (or any other color tint) to it. You now have a set of photoshop brushes as well as a set of vectors. But if you're not in the graphics business, you can save some cash and provide your staff with all the graphics tools they can eat by choosing open source software instead. We have an article describing how to do this.

Louis daguerre process greatly reduced the exposure time from eight hours down to half an hour. Tell us about the equipment and setup you use. This web design tutorial show you how to create a creative wordpress theme in photoshop. Many of you will already be aware of them, but i think it’s important to publicize these techniques, even if only a few of you can benefit from them. This will not teach you everything about photoshop but it will give you a firm understanding of how i use it to create my digital paintings every day. One more advantage is you can mass follow, unfollow everyone through the displayed results with a single click. A list of all the adjustment layers will appear.

The image file size is about 7 times larger than the 225 ppi/dpi image but provides effectively no difference in the final reproduction. Manage where your games land. Setup work on your end is considerable; it will literally take you hours. This book is a sincere effort for explaining the concepts of adove photoshop. These are grungy and dirty and just plain fun to use for any number of things. Why are the toners for hp color printers so expensive. In this situation you want to use the. To learn the more advanced features, i suggest buying yourself a good book on photoshop, there are plenty of them out there.

In this tutorial, we’ll cover drawing curves using control. " vibrating in his ears he heard. Productivity enhancements, or jdi features (just do it) are small improvements and minor tweaks to the program that only impress the hardcore users who would know the difference. ‘like to download’ also function like a ‘gate’ before ‘download’ can be done. Moreover, we selected 3 amazing tutorials for your enjoyment and inspiration. Creating realistic 3d text using photoshop’s repousse. Always make back-up copies to preserve your original images. If you don't have a copy of photoshop, you can download a free trial from adobe (the company that produces photoshop and other fine programs). The first thing you notice is the high spike of the white line on the right side.

They let you either click a single button to add instant-filters or auto-adjustments to a photo, or walk you through changing exposure levels so you can feel confident manipulating lighting and colors. Perhaps it'll help to think about how the industry evolved. And the image is available at my tpt site:. We need to soften the edges of our selection to create a smooth transition between the selected and unselected portions of the photo, and the quick mask mode is going to make it very easy for us to see what we're doing. Preferably at sunset or late afternoon. You did not specify which photoshop you are running. Even worst when there is a sign contract and the journalist, in this case, doesnt follow what the contact says.

Finally, we will give some blur so that there are the hard edges so. 013 creating a reflection in shattered glass. A value of 0% will do nothing. This is very easy with modern photoshopping programs. At a few points, some pieces of text change in font size and get smaller as the screen or browser gets narrower. Learn how to browse stock images, create character styles, sync colors and collaborate with people around the globe — all within photoshop. Adobe chose to call these generic profiles. Surface coated with a photosensitive emulsion, and is exposed to. The first thing we need to do is create a vector shape in illustrator to bring into photoshop.

I like to zoom in nice and close, and this is the easiest tool ever to use. You can also open the crop menu and choose a different aspect ratio for your photo, and photoshop elements will give you suggestions within those parameters. Duplicate the blue gradient layer and place its copy just above ‘rocks’ image layer. Here’s an image that illustrates the difference between leaving the mip map generation enabled or disabled:. At the first zoom level where the grid appears, the lines of the grid itself are aliased.

Do you like to use specific colors on your projects or in your branding. Take your first section of hair, place the comb about. I'll lower mine down to 60%:. Select the rectangle tool then draw a square within the major grid lines. Now i will add some clouds. Most likely you will want to have this option turned on, so click the "daylight savings" checkbox.

At least get some inspirations from reference pictures, at least know where you are headed… or you will end up with a wtf photo in the end. Open up the basic face, select the move tool and click and drag the layer into the new document. Advanced label and for the dimensions of the document go for something like. Hold the shutter button down halfway to allow the. No school and i am guessing we have had a least 12 inches with more still falling. What lomograph does is create an amazing effect and thats great, but with a dslr you don't need to buy a lomography camera, thats what its great about this tutorial and you can make sure the effect looks just how you want it too. Instead, he reacts right away and begins to battle his father. On music you can select music from your itunes to play during the slideshow. This mask will allow you to remove parts of the black and white image as well as bring back parts of the black and white image. Using the magic wand tool won't separate out a portion by itself (unless you don't plan on using layers).

In this tutorial we will explain how to create a one-page retro web design using adobe photoshop. Open these 2 images in photoshop. So the more you do it the better it gets. Start by opening up a document the size of your postcard and adding two rectangles at either end. This tool can be a bit tricky to use and it make take more than one try at it before you are satisfied i think you will have to agree that it has vast potential. By displacing the embossed lighting layer with the exact same settings. 6 prior to the girls’ oct. Photoshop 7 includes a multi-lingual spell checker activated by clicking in any text layer. Open image in editor for all your cool colorization work. If it is the file, then photoshop (should) be able to open the file correctly, transparency and all.

You can hide whole objects or even just parts you select. Posterization occurs more easily in regions of gradual color transitions, such as smooth skies. The rubber stamp is a. This divides the box into two halves that are properly compensated in size for your perspective drawing. The option you want is "skew".

Click and drag from the center up to create a white gradient as shown here. Website design for leading photoshop tutorial site and creation and maintenance of wordpress theme. By combining the powers of illustrator and photoshop, you can recreate this awesome technique. The images without layers are resized by opening a new canvas. We want our window to be pretty big. Click on the pen tool and begin to draw around the outlines of the image. You really can have a lot of fun using these apps, with endless opportunities to get more creative with your iphone photography.